Who We Serve

Mikkelsen Coward develops a comprehensive and fully customized services based on the unique requirements of each client organization. 

Commercial office building with building automation using HVAC controls

Commercial Office

You can reduce your operating, energy and capital expenses and still provide a safe, comfortable and productive work environment for your employees and tenants.

We provide services to commercial office buildings of all sizes, from new to historic, throughout Canada. Our programs have dramatically cut costs for owners of commercial office buildings, and helped keep tenants comfortable. Our expertise in planned maintenance, equipment upgrades, capital financing and energy services, will substantially lower your total operating costs.

Manufacturing facility that has been made "smart" through building automation

Industrial & Manufacturing

Mikkelsen Coward understands the unique needs of industrial and manufacturing facilities and ensures that your HVAC system never gets in the way of your productivity. We know what downtime can mean to your workflow, bottom line, and even your reputation. We will learn how your facility operates, and will customize our programs to minimize production downtime, improve productivity, and improve employee comfort.

Our guaranteed maintenance budgets take away the worry of surprise repairs and unexpected costs. You'll have real-time data analytics to monitor and track our service activities. You will never be in the dark about the status of your equipment, right down to individual components.

Data Center utilizing building automation to reduce energy costs

Mission Critical

Mikkelsen Coward is honored to be trusted in Mission Critical facilities throughout Canada. We understand the importance of keeping your operations and networks online, as millions of people may be depending upon your services. Mikkelsen Coward has proven to be the reliable partner of organizations who mandate operational stability, reliability and performance. We know data centers, emergency response centers, research laboratories and other operationally sensitive customers.

We conduct a single point-of-failure assessment and audit to gain a benchmark of the service required to maintain the reliability of your systems. We minimize downtime by providing 24/7 monitoring, automated alarms, and immediate emergency response. We keep your mission critical environments stable knowing your success depends on it.

Medical facility utilizing "smart building" technology


Some of Canada's leading healthcare groups depend on Mikkelsen Coward to provide comprehensive services, along with detailed documentation and long-term plans that comply with all regulatory requirements, including those required by the Joint Commission.

Our programs include 24/7 automated alarms and priority response for emergency situations so your organization can focus on healthcare. We work to keep your systems stable, minimizing downtime, while lowering your total operating costs.

Building automation technology can control multiple business locations from one dashboard

Multi Location

For major organizations that operate in multiple locations, we have the expertise to maintain your infrastructure and operations. We deploy a trained and capable mobile field force with innovative facility management technology.

We're able to dispatch a technician closest to each site as well as monitor and record facility and equipment details, to include historical data for an individual piece of equipment. Mikkelsen Coward can provide your company with the rapid response necessary to reduce downtime and minimize operating costs.

Government Building which has been made "smart" through building automation.


We are trusted by many federal, state and municipal facilities to deliver an efficient, turnkey solution that provides economies of scale and creates cost savings.

Our tech teams work to align with your processes to create effective solutions for all levels of government. We're able to plan and implement, and provide ongoing service. We design comprehensive solutions within strict budget parameters.


School utilizing building automation to reduce energy costs and increase security


From K-12 to public and private universities and colleges, Mikkelsen Coward has been trusted to provide long-term system improvement plans that deliver a financial return on investments, energy efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

We work to solve your educational facility’s long-term objectives to allow your administration and staff more time to focus on delivering a quality education to your students.

Auditorium utilizing building automation technology to lower energy costs

Event Venues

The last thing you need at a major event is an outage of your HVAC system. Our proactive approach prevents issues and our field technicians are readily available 24/7. You can trust that Mikkelsen Coward provides reliable service and maintenance so that your big event is not disrupted.

Our technicians are equipped with the industry expertise as well as the tools and resources necessary to handle any HVAC-related emergency. We monitor, track, and analyze data associated with your systems to provide proactive recommendations that fit your budget. We deliver increased reliability and reduced costs.