Our Projects

Our customers value the quality of our products and the skills and capabilities of our people.

Inuit Art Centre (WAG)

Inuit Art Centre will be home to the world's largest collection of Inuit artwork. Mikkelsen Coward ensured critical climate conditions necessary are maintained to preserve the artwork throughout the new construction and occupied retrofit of the existing building.

Skilled Trades and Technology Centre

The new 110,000 square foot centre houses some the latest technology for trades, technology and innovation. Mikkelsen Coward provided the building automation system, energy management system, integration of envelope detection systems, and public dashboard showcasing energy usage to the public.

RBC Convention Centre

As part of the design-build team, Mikkelsen Coward provided a dynamic system to operate the Convention Centre that considers climate conditions and wall orientation of how the conference rooms are currently being used. Everything to ensure the best possible comfort for the guests.

Winnipeg  School Division No.1

The Winnipeg School Division No. 1 is the largest public school division in the city with 77 schools and 33,000 students under its jurisdiction.  Mikkelsen Coward provided a single a unified platform that seamlessly operates all schools under one interface. We are proud to work as a part of several teams in multiple energy performance contracts to improve the operation of the schools.


Asper Jewish Community Campus

This multi-use campus is home to various activities and educational programs. Mikkelsen Coward has provided client-first solutions from efficiency boiler upgrades, energy management, building optimization and trusted service.


With a training center and a main office located in Winnipeg, Mikkelsen Coward has implemented a multi-building platform to monitor building operation along with equipment upgrades combined into a single solution.


When Palliser wanted to open the largest furniture showroom in Manitoba, Mikkelsen-Coward designed and installed two large heat pump systems that provide ultra quiet heating and cooling for the large area, the challenge of this project was blending the equipment into the surroundings furniture showcase. Mikkelsen Coward not only met the mandate  but exceeded the expectation for this installation.

Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation

Mikkelsen Coward has provided building automation and energy management systems for over 100 buildings across Manitoba. All buildings with their hundreds of staff are able to access this information through one single unified interface.