Our Company

Mikkelsen Coward provides superior service with the integrity and innovation of our skilled people.

Commercial - Industrial HVAC building automation

Mikkelsen Coward is a locally owned and operated premier mechanical & electrical contracting group in Manitoba. Since 1947 we have grown our experience and depth of resources allowing us to provide our clients wide range of solutions that optimize both the performance of their buildings and their budgets.

Our company is dedicated to our employees which include a group of designers, technicians, multidiscipline trades, IT personnel, and administrative staff. They collectively work in a team environment to provide our clients with the inclusive solution for their needs. Ongoing training and support for our people is the key to our success.

Specializing in Direct Digital Controls systems since 1992 has made Mikkelsen Coward the Delta Control partner that provides industry leading building control systems to our customers throughout Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Through the robust Delta Controls platform Mikkelsen Coward offers:

  • Comprehensive building management solutions
  • HVAC controls
  • Lighting controls
  • Access control
  • Energy management
  • Predictive data analytics


Mitch Zajac, President, Mikkelsen-Coward

President's Message

“Sometimes it’s a new product. Sometimes it’s entry into a whole new industry. Sometimes it’s the sheer willpower needed to restructure and start anew."

– Mitch Zajac, President

The future is a destination. To get there, Mikkelsen Coward is blazing new trails and exploring new territories. It’s seldom easy – often it comes with risk. But with vision and perseverance, the future holds promise of almost unlimited opportunity. It’s a place worth striving for.

Meticulous plans are now being laid out to map tomorrow’s corporate route. Stability, flexibility, innovation, agility – each play a part in making the plan a success. But we must still come up with unique ways of achieving our goals.

Sometimes it’s a new product. Sometimes it’s entry into a whole new industry. Sometimes it’s the sheer willpower needed to restructure and start anew.

Whatever it takes, we know we must act today to lay the foundation for future prosperity. Such far-sightedness is especially important in this age of fast-changing information technology, when new products and strategies can become obsolete almost overnight.

Companies that can meet the challenges of these extraordinary times will be ready for whatever else the 21st century holds in store. But of course, we at Mikkelsen Coward will not be surprised by what we find in the future. We will have planned for it all along.