Energy Services

We evaluate your current systems to establish a baseline of energy consumption for operational and financial performance, efficiency and risk.


Mikkelsen Coward specializes in identifying energy consumption through building analytics. By gathering this information we can prioritize  steps to achieving a healthier working environment, sustainable resource along with reduced  energy consumption and waste.

By converting your building's energy data into actionable information we then can identify low-cost/no-cost energy saving opportunities, evaluating equipment and technology upgrades, calculate returns, and prioritize selected measures. This systematic approach will quantify a long term sustainable energy service solution.


Mikkelsen Coward's intelligent building solutions can identify opportunities to reduce your energy consumption.

Five Steps to Improved Efficiency

Mikkelsen Coward utilizes a five-step program to improving the energy efficiency in your building.

  1. Benchmark & Analysis
  2. Optimize Existing Systems
  3. Low Cost/No Cost Savings
  4. Capital Planning & Budgeting
  5. Measurement & Verification

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Measurable Impact

We can help you reduce the single largest operating expense in the average commercial building.

HVAC 61%
Lighting 10%
Computing 6%
Office Equipment 3%
Other 20%

Source: 2012 U.S. Energy Information Administration (