Building Automation

Is your building putting money  back in your pocket? Take back control and proactively manage your building with Delta Controls.


CopperTree Analytics, developed by Delta Controls, transforms real-time data into actionable insights, unique to your building, and integrates it into a building management system. CopperTree will reduce your energy consumption, which is the biggest controllable spend in the operational budget.

With enteliWEB, you now have the ability to see how your building is performing and to keep track and manage the environments at any point in time, anywhere on the planet, from your smart device. enteliWEb effortlessly connects to all your facilities under one login, bringing all your buildings, systems such as HVAC, access control, lighting and energy management under one umbrella, saving engineering and maintenance time.

Energy management requires assessing performance of all your building systems. enteliWEB and CopperTree Analytics is the solution to understanding how your building operates and ensuring it operates at peak performance.

Energy is the largest controllable spend in your operating budget.

Engineering | Design | Commissioning

Portfolio Building Management

Manage all your buildings through a single interface.  Executives benefit from building performance analysis and real savings.  Operations benefit from instant access and control of your building.

All-In-One Smart Buildings

Smart buildings can be simple.  Integrate all your systems to work together as one.

Automate your HVAC, lighting, card access, security, blinds, energy management and data analytics into one simple solution.

Custom Dashboards

Personalize your dashboard to suit your needs and custom it anytime.  Your data is at your fingertips.

Public kiosk dashboards showcase your sustainability and energy saving initiatives.

Data Analytics

Ongoing analysis of your buildings 365 days a year.  Key Performance Indicators to compare performance of all your HVAC systems.  Fault Detection & Diagnostics (FDD) identifies improves before anyone is aware.  Energy analytics quantifies then focuses tasking on savings.

Complete Design Solutions

Our team of professionals are ready for the most demanding projects.  We advise on how to best operate your systems to save energy, design to reduce maintenance and protect your mission critical equipment.

Software & Mobile

Access your buildings from anywhere on your PC, tablet or smart phone.  Unlimited number of users and full featured access management systems.

Energy Management

Real-time information by connecting your energy meters: electrical, gas, water, carbon emissions, etc.  Set energy goals and prove energy reduction based on actual performance.

Commissioning & Optimization

Over 25 years experience in building commissioning, performance optimization and LEED standards.