Intelligent Buildings

Buildings are highly dynamic environments and no two are alike in structure or operation. An intelligent building is one that uses technology and processes to reduce its environmental impact, protect occupant health and safety, improve employee productivity and become more operationally efficient for its owners.

Understanding how your building is operating can have a huge impact to the operational spend of your facility and therefore your bottom line. Building intelligence provides you advanced key performance indicators of how your heating, ventilation , air conditioning and any other facility based control systems are performing and allows you to make educated decisions based on factual, real time data. Detailed feedback of climate condition and productivity, tracking equipment performance, predictive maintenance, smart demand response, and substantial energy savings are just a few opportunities that can be capitalized on.

Is your building putting money back in your pocket?

Take back control and proactively manage your building with Delta Controls. CopperTree Analytics developed by Delta controls, transforms real-time data into actionable insights, unique to your building and integrates it into a building management system. CopperTree will reduce your energy consumption, which is the biggest controllable spend in the operational budget.

With enteliWEB, you now have the ability to see how your building is performing and to keep track and manage the environments at any point in time, anywhere on the planet from your smart device. enteliWEb effortlessly connects to all your facilities under one login, bringing all your buildings, systems such as HVAC, access control, lighting and energy management under one umbrella saving engineering and maintenance time.

Energy is the largest controllable spend in the operational budget. Energy management requires assessing performance of all your building systems. enteliWEB and CopperTree Analytics is the solution to understanding how your building operates and ensuring it operates at peak performance.

Building Automation

Engineering / Design / Commissioning

Our engineering department carries out a multitude of tasks in creating an optimum design for your HVAC controls application. Mikkelsen Coward understands that simply responding to customers’ requests isn’t enough. Our building automation solutions provide a proactive, value-added dimension that will help you achieve a new level of control and energy savings.

Mikkelsen Coward architecture and design team will enhance your operations plans by identifying and validating alternatives and recommendations for your controls strategy. Whether working from detailed construction documents or from your conceptual ideas we achieve a best-in-class, control system solution.


Graphics packages are an integral part of your building automation systems. We provide you with a graphical user interface that is intuitive by design. Once installed at your site, operators are provided with comprehensive training, ensuring seamless man-machine integration of your new system.


Creation of complete control systems drawings, including all engineering/design, Written Sequence of operations. Drawings are laid out using an industry standard template providing simple and straight forward understanding.


ORCAview is Delta Controls’ Operator Workstation (OWS). It combines both simple to use front-end graphics with powerful, real-time system tools. The OWS operates on Windows Platforms (Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7) and incorporates many of its characteristics such as right-click context sensitive menus and F1 Help menus.


Upon project completion, we provide a complete documentation package including; a full points list, product information on all control panels and end devices, control sequences as well as printouts of the programs, and as-built drawings.