Understanding Your Building

Evaluating trends and performance

Optimizing Buildings and Budgets – that’s what we do. We want to work with you to help you understand your building better and the costs associated to it. We have the expertise to understand how your building is currently operating, where your funds are being allocated, and how this compares to industry averages.   Evaluating these trends and benchmarking to high performance buildings will allow you to better understand opportunities in the facility. You can then use this knowledge to implement strategies for efficiency and growth.

Customizing Your Strategy

Discovering inefficiencies and optimizing opportunities

It is much easier to invest and manage for growth if you understand how you plan to get there. It is the same when planning for your building. We can show you how to get there in a measured way that will make sense financially, which in turn will help you achieve to your long term goals. With a proactive approach of accountability and transparency, we peel back the layers to discover the inefficiencies and optimize the opportunities. Benchmarks are created for your building goals today, tomorrow and in the future.


Proactive Maintenance

No one likes mechanical failures. The most finely crafted preventative maintenance programs are only as good as the people who bring it to life.

With our proactive approach of accountability and transparency, we can deliver quality service and workmanship. We partner with you to not only service the mechanical equipment in your building; we assist you with energy reduction and create a plan for repairs and replacement.


Energy Management

Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually improvement. If you are not measuring it, how do you understand it. If you don’t understand it, how do you improve or control it?

Did you know that energy accounts for almost one third of a typical building’s operating costs? Because energy savings go straight to the bottom line starting with your next month’s energy bill, energy waste should be the first place to look for savings. Mikkelsen-Coward has the tools, specialists and software to understand how your building is currently operating and where your funds are being allocated. We compare your facility to industry averages and uncover where opportunities can be found for savings and energy efficiency. Our tools include the ability to perform: Energy benchmarks, assessments, audits and on-going energy savings trackers.


Building Intelligence

An intelligent building is one that uses technology and processes to reduce its environmental impact, protect occupant health and safety, improve employee productivity and become more operationally efficient.

Take back control of your building with Delta Controls. Building intelligence will provide you advanced key performance indicators of how your building is operating, thus allowing you the ability to make educated decisions on factual, real time data. Measurements on performance can be taken from your heating, ventilation, air conditioning, fire alarm system and any other facility based control system. Detailed feedback of space utilization and productivity, tracking equipment performance, predictive maintenance, smart demand response, and substantial energy savings are just a few opportunities that can be capitalized on.


Retrofits and Upgrades

This is a major area where we can help. Our expertise is in developing the solutions to meet or exceed the needs of your facility, for your business and its occupants.

We work for you and strategize what options you have to reach your facilities long term goals. Whether it is a building upgrade or retrofit, a plan for an expansion for new office space, or a redesign to the manufacturing floor, we can provide a well detailed scope of work, the expertise and best application solutions with the best long term financial outcome. Our project managers are adept at handling manpower, equipment and materials and we execute each new project with the goal of making it the best project to date.

Implementing Your Plan

Managing and adjusting as you grow

Interpreting key performance indicators to measure what is happening now and to provide a yardstick that will help to implement strategies for the best return on investment in the future. Just as a business flourishes and needs continual adjusting, a building needs to be closely managed to ensure building optimization.

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